About — Nick Lee

My pedigree is pretty simple — I’ve been building software for people since age 9. I consider myself a technology “jack of all trades,” having spent my formative years experimenting with many platforms, tools and technologies. I’ve done everything from assembly language programming on microcontrollers to large-scale cloud deployments of Ruby on Rails applications. I also enjoy reverse-engineering hardware and software products.

That said, mobile application development is the area in which I have the most expertise. My experience building iPhone apps predates Apple’s official launch of an SDK. Many applications I’ve built have been featured by Apple — in their retail stores, the App Store, and on-stage during various keynotes.

I also play the piano. I’ve been lucky enough to learn from some really great musicians — Mulgrew Miller, Donald Vega, Don Friedman, James Weidman, Dave Frank, and many more. More to come on that front.

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